Key Benefits of NetApp Cloud Manager

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In a hybrid cloud ecosystem, the management platform must handle data regardless of where it’s stored. NetApp Cloud Manager offers a multicloud and hybrid cloud management capability that gives a single-pane view of the storage system no matter the system is deploying in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premise.
The two important ways for a way companies can save on cost and time is data management and orchestration. Thus, NetApp Cloud Manager has capabilities that unify siloed storage systems and allows a hassle-free hybrid cloud storage management and configuration. NetApp Cloud Manager may be a product with features and benefits accommodating to the fashionable enterprise’s ever-evolving needs.

Here are a number of the key benefits of NetApp Cloud Manager.

1. Avoid Cloud Lock-In- NetApp Cloud Manager integrates with AWS and Azure cloud and has visibility to data across these platforms. you’ll also easily migrate your applications across multiple clouds from the NetApp Cloud Manager interface, thereby avoiding cloud vendor lock-in.

2. Seamless Cloud Resource Provisioning and Management- Cloud Volumes ONTAP resources are often quickly provisioned using NetApp Cloud Manager, regardless of the target deployment environment. NetApp Cloud Manager mediates with AWS and Azure cloud environments and seamlessly handles the VM creation and configuration process for hosting Cloud Volumes ONTAP. the whole process is transparent and happens with minimal input from the user.

3. Single-Pane-of-Glass Usability- NetApp Cloud Manager eliminates administrators’ got to log in to multiple consoles/portals to manage their storage systems. NetApp Cloud Manager also makes it extremely easy to feature new Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances and manage existing physical storage systems. Additionally, it abstracts the back-end operations, therefore the administrator only must specialise in which volume type to provision for target applications.

4. Environment Orchestration- NetApp Cloud Manager are often integrated with existing orchestration platforms for end-to-end orchestration of tasks like NetApp Private Storage and Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance provisioning, NFS/CIFS volume creation, and more.

5. Hybrid and MultiCloud Support- NetApp Cloud Manager supports Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems deployed in AWS and Azure. It also can be wont to manage on-premises hosted NetApp Fabric-Attached Storage (FAS) and NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) devices. it’s the well-liked solution for hybrid environments that include a mixture of various storage solutions.

AI Transforming NetApp Solutions

The idea of AI has been around for years. But it had been not until recently that AI stepped out of the realm of fantasy and have become a critical a part of modern business. From helping enterprises make faster, more accurate decisions to preventing fraud in real-time prove that AI may be a crucial component of daily lives. AI helps organizations altogether industries round the globe to innovate and to grow their businesses. To support the business, departments are scrambling to deploy high-performing solutions which will meet the acute demands of AI workloads. because the race to win with AI intensifies, the need for an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage solution becomes increasingly essential. NetApp is supporting the digital event and has solutions that complement enterprises’ AI efforts, including an AI control plane that simplifies data-pipeline and provisioning tasks for data scientists and engineers and therefore the latest innovations for vertical markets. Read on to understand more.

The NetApp AI Control Plane addresses the AI data management requirements of the enterprise. With the AI Control Plane, data scientists not need to await copies of datasets. The organization not has got to dedicate such a lot costly high-performance storage to store many copies of an equivalent data. The headaches and hurdles that result from trying to trace changes across multiple versions of an equivalent dataset is resolved.

Leveraging open source technologies like Kubernetes, Kubeflow, and NetApp Trident, the AI Control Plane automates data pipeline activities for data prep, training, validation, dev/test, and deployment. With plug-and-play workflow automation, enterprises can perform AI training runs with automatic traceability and versioning. Exact copies of production data are often created in seconds, with no fear of interfering with production. Instant data accessibility generated rapid experimentation. Data scientists can provision Jupyter notebooks which will access petabytes of knowledge while handling datasets, model versioning, and baselining from within Jupyter.
By working closely with NetApp, enterprises can deliver energy-efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for implementing IT resources in any environment that simplifies a number of today’s most challenging AI workloads.

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