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According to CIO Advisor APAC business magazine PR scams are on a rise. Most businesses will face a PR scam and crisis at one time or another. A negative incident can have a powerful impact on a company’s reputation.

A PR crisis is a negative event or review on your business that gains traction in the public space. PR crises are important because they can destroy your small business’s image in the minds of your customers. Most of the time, you can’t predict or control the outcome.

Here are some of the most common PR scams:

  • Affordable SEO — SEO is essential and very important for PR. So for Tech companies with very less teams, affordable SEO services might sound so good. SEO generally takes time and so much of hard work. So affordable SEO will be mostly a scam because it is unrealistic for so much work and so much collaboration to occur on such a small budget.
  • Category Awards — Not all the awards that you see online are legitimate. Most of the awards doesn’t even have a procedure. For an entry fee of a few thousand dollars, companies are afforded the opportunity not just to choose a category best suited for their product or service but to make one up. If no other company enters into said category that was created, then the company is of course still a winner. This type of award may be attractive to some tech marketers, but this can harm your company reputation.

Ways To handle PR Scam:

  1. Response team — Appoint professionals who have internal knowledge about the company and has a journalistic perspective. They can speak at the right time in the right voice on behalf of your company.
  2. Build a strategy — Train all member of your response team to understand their responsibilities and know whether to take a proactive or reactive approach in their media coverage of the incident.
  3. Identify and address the affected parties —Identify the people who need to know about the situation, such as employees, stakeholders, business partners, customers and the media, and let them know about the context of situation.
  4. Monitor the situation — Always keep a track of what people are talking about your company. It is always better to uncover negative trends before they become a bigger problem and migrate to the media.

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